Every day, many of us wake up and are inundated with bad news almost as soon as the alarm goes off. If you listen to the radio, watch tv, read a newspaper, or get on social media, you are likely hearing stories of trouble and even tragedy. One must wonder how this affects the psyche and sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

On the other hand, receiving or sharing good news and gratitude requires intentionality. Taking the time to listen to someone’s good news can be mutually beneficial. The same is true for thinking of your own good news or gratitude and sharing it with others. There are many studies that have shown a connection between shared good news and sustained feelings of happiness. 

At times, I will challenge a friend or family member to exchange three “gratitudes” every day, sometimes continuing the practice for as long as a month. We will try to not repeat the same ones every day, but instead, look for new things to be grateful for. I try to think of something spiritual or from nature, something relational, and something personal or perhaps even material. It is a practice I find to be emotionally uplifting, and highly recommend it especially during difficult times. 

Each weekday, all Medworks employees participate in a morning huddle conference call. Its purpose is for each team member to announce where they will be working throughout the day. This quick early morning communication gets us off to a good start and reduces the number of communications that would otherwise be necessary during the day. But, as a part of the call, we always make space for encouraging anyone to share good news, either business or personal. Often, it is a team member giving a “shout out” to another teammate. I believe this part of the call is helpful, even subconsciously, in getting us off to a good and positive start. 

Feel free to share your thoughts, or even better, share your good news.