It was the winter of 2015. Medworks was in it’s second year providing laser services. Business processes had been pretty simple up to that point. We had only a handful of team members and our office was a small building next to my house. Since the business started in 2005, Donna Shires had taken care of our administrative functions while I and others worked in the field. Near the end of 2015, Donna, realizing that our admin needs were growing, suggested we bring on someone with bookkeeping expertise. I went to my good friend Mike Bridges and asked him if he could recommend someone who could work part-time doing bookkeeping work. Mike had recently retired from a successful career in IT. A couple of days later, Mike called me to say, “Hey, how about I do it”? I was surprised, but thrilled that someone of his knowledge and experience would be willing to help us.

Fast forward to 2019. We have now outgrown our small office in Rockville, almost tripled in volume, and have over 25 team members. Much of the credit for creating, developing and implementing our processes belongs to Mike Bridges. Mike has been willing to tackle hundreds of tedious tasks that have made us more productive and efficient. He is a man of the highest integrity and a great role model for our team members.

At the end of May, Mike will be retiring from Medworks. He wants to spend more time traveling and helping take care of friends and family. I thank Mike for his incredible contributions to Medworks and wish him much happiness in retirement.

Darrell Shires
President, Medworks