Let me start this way, I’ve been surrounded by 3 boys 24/7 and have definitely developed a lot of patience. I have taken this time to go within myself and meditate more and learn about chakras. Not ordering food from restaurants has made my cooking skills get better. I’ve started cooking cuisines and desserts which I had never thought about. I’ve tried different types of workouts to keep myself fit and have been working on lawn mowing and planting some vegetables so I can cook more. I’ve started reading more books and teaching my kids a new language to read, write and speak. Teaching is not that easy but the kids have gotten excellent in it. I got in touch with all my cousins and school friends back in India which was a lot of fun. This may not be a good time for everyone but I think I am taking it as a blessed time to do things which I would have not done and to get better at them, and enjoy every moment of it.