Here at Medworks, we place a high degree of emphasis on living up to our values of Growth, Readiness, Integrity, and Team. Together these values make up the acronym Grit is a common term we use to describe our team members, and we actively seek out and hire individuals that ascribe to our values and show Grit.

This year, Medworks has started a new quarterly team member award called the GRIT award. The purpose of the award is to recognize the individual that most displayed our values and showed Grit.

During the quarter all team members were given the opportunity to nominate anyone on the team they felt deserved the award. The best nominations included a description of how the team member displayed each value and showed exceptional Grit. Often, they were accompanied by a specific story that supported the nomination.

By the end of the first quarter of 2019, nine team members had been nominated, several of which had multiple nominations. The leaders took the nominations and discussed each individual to made the final selection. The decision was difficult as we have a team full of gritty people, but after much discussion the first quarterly GRIT award winner is Ryan Buckley.

Ryan began his career at Medworks as a service rep in our north region. He has recently been promoted to sales in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. He is very deserving of this achievement and I am proud to have him on the Medworks team. Ryan will retain possession of the GRIT award until the end of the second quarter when it will be passed on to the next winner.

At the end of 2019, one of the four quarterly will be awarded the GRIT award of the year. We are pleased to offer this new award that succinctly describes the qualities that embody our team.