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Medwords is a unique and authentic forum from which we share updates and insight to the day-to-day experiences of our clients, staff, and vendors.

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Recent Reads II

I love reading!  Most of the time I read non-fiction, business books and biographies. As for business knowledge, much of what I’ve learned, especially in regard to working in a growing business, has been gained from reading books.  There is a vast amount of insight...

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A Medworks Legend is Retiring

It was the winter of 2015. Medworks was in it’s second year providing laser services. Business processes had been pretty simple up to that point. We had only a handful of team members and our office was a small building next to my house. Since the business started in...

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Thinking about what you think about

Recently, I listened to a sermon (Source: David Dwight, Hope Church, Richmond, VA) where the following question was asked: Do you ever think about what you think about? Since then, that question has popped into my mind several times. The truth is, I haven’t really...

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Good News

 Every day, many of us wake up and are inundated with bad news almost as soon as the alarm goes off. If you listen to the radio, watch tv, read a newspaper, or get on social media, you are likely hearing stories of trouble and even tragedy. One must wonder how this...

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GRIT Award

Here at Medworks, we place a high degree of emphasis on living up to our values of Growth, Readiness, Integrity, and Team. Together these values make up the acronym Grit is a common term we use to describe our team members, and we actively seek out and hire...

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Medworks 2019 Letter

We have come to the end of another year and I find myself, once again, reflecting on the accomplishments, setbacks, and surprises encountered along the way. For Medworks, it was another year of aggressive growth, both in size and in refinement of our processes. I am...

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Medworks in the Community

During this holiday season, I want to express my gratitude to the many people I am connected to because of Medworks.  From the healthcare professionals I have the pleasure of working with, to the talented and hard-working employees that have found a home here.  Any...

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Anh Hoang visits Medworks!

Anh Hoang, CEO of Convergent Laser Technologies, dropped in to the Medworks office for a visit last week! We love being able to meet up with representatives from the companies we work with. Anh in particular always has amazing stories to share, so we took the...

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Medworks own, Lindsey Tuck in Nicaragua

Back in April, Medworks team member Lindsey Tuck traveled to Nicaragua to join up with missionaries doing great work near Granada, Nicaragua. In the community of Pantanal is a mission by the name of Reap Granada that focuses on helping the surrounding area through a...

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Why does Medworks have Core Values?

When the leaders at Medworks set out to define the company’s core values, we had no idea how mentally challenging the task was going to be. Frankly, it was tedious and fatiguing as we invested hours upon hours of our valuable time. Through numerous brainstorming...

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