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Medworks offers a wide range of products and services, and we set the bar high when selecting the companies and products we represent. All of our products provide the highest quality on the market at a fair price, giving our customers the greatest possible value. We are proud to combine those products with our unmatched service and support. It is our goal to be “intentionally excellent” in all things and we strive to work with companies that share that same value. The following is a list of companies, our areas of coverage, and links to their websites.

Service Offerings

Laser Engineering Ultra MD Series CO2 Laser

Laparoscopy, Condyloma, ENT

Quanta Litho 60 Holmium Laser

Bladder Stones, Ureteral and Kidney Stones, Tumors, Enucleation

ProTouch 1470 Diode Laser

Prostate enucleation, prostate vaporization, bladder tumors, airway tumors and obstruction.

LiteTouch 1470 Diode Laser

Urinary upper tract tumors, airway tumors and obstruction, turbinate reduction, tonsillectomy

Odyssey B1 High Powered Holmium Laser

Bladder stones, ureteral and kidney stones, biliary stones

Uretron Lithotripter System

Urinary tract calculi

Service Areas

We are proud to represent these surgical device manufacturers in the following areas. For more information, please contact our sales team.

Manufacturers We Represent

Convergent Laser Technologies
Case Medical
Bard Medical
Richard Wolf
Neomedic International
Suture Ease
Espiner Medical
Espiner Medical

ProTouch Prostate Enucleation

ProTouch Prostate Resection


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