In the first week of August, Medworks team member, Samantha Conigliaro, traveled to Wildwood, NJ to be part of the growth of PALS Programs’ first ever 25 and over adult program for young adults with Down Syndrome. The PALS Wildwood program is actively involved in shaping the future of inclusion in adulthood through an open-structured, fun, and welcoming environment for adults with and without Down Syndrome to thrive in a culture of independence and friendship. A dolphin cruise, kayaking, paddle boarding, Morey’s pier, Cape May Winery, beach days, and a night out at Sea Port Pier were a few of the wonderful activities the participants were able to enjoy together.

When asked about her favorite part of the trip, Samantha said, “being surrounded by all of your best friends as well as new friends with the independence to decide what you wanted to do together and watching this new concept unravel was exhilarating.” She added, “this was just like every other beach week I’ve ever been on with my friends in the past, except now I was surrounded by the beauty of PALS in the mix of it all. It was an extraordinary bridge to the future and a sight of how we will always be connected and none of us will ever age out of these experiences.”